Art Gallery Wall 2 - Zine Fest 2019

  • $10.00

Everyday Skate Shop Presents: Zine Fest 2019

Everyday's second annual zine festival showcases over 30 zines from local Bay Area artists along with MQ's vintage zine collection with over 50 zines for sale  from his personal collection. The show will be up for a month and ready to ship on April 30th.

-Zine Display-

Z1. Olivia Nogveira-Wheaton "The Length of A Cigarette" $10

Z2. Rhonda Smith "Bus" $10

Z6. Gracie Fragments "No Means Yes?" $12

Z7. Gracie Fragments "Whatever" $8

Z8. Gracie Fragments "Fear of Femme Planet #1" $6

Z10. Tyler Park "The Good Zine" $10

Z11. Tyler Park "Untitled" $10

Z14. Isabel Schober "911" $7

Z28. Parker Richardson "Etch/Sketch Coloring Book" $10

Z36. Dana "Box Car" $10

M5. MQ Collection "Sane" $30

M13. MQ Collection "Megawords" $25



P1. Gracie Fragments $10

P2. Gracie Fragments $10

P.3 Gracie Fragments $10

P4. Isabel Schober $10

P5. Isabel Schober $10

P6. Isabel Schober $10

P7. Isabel Schober $10

P8. Isabel Schober $10

P9. Theodore Maider $50

P10. Theodore Maider $50

P.11 Theodore Maider $50

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